Free Knitting & Crochet patterns and news


Free patterns for our friends and learners

We love to encourage everyone to enjoy the heritage crafts of knitting and crochet and to help take them forward into the 21st Century.  We will be producing free knitting and crochet patterns, available in our shop for you to enjoy.

Summer & Autumn course programme

Looking for your new courses?  We are just finalising our Summer and Autumn programme and will publish this in events very soon. 


Heather "I joined one of Claire's courses at the Craft Studio in Pewsey and I am so pleased that I took the Plunge!  Claire is very patient and nothing was too much trouble for her."

Alison "I've always wanted to crochet. My mum taught me to knit but we ran out of tie for her to teach me to crochet.  I'd tried many times on my own from books and YouTube with no success. 4 weeks in with Claire and I've learnt 3 stitches, can decode simple patterns and I can make flowers and Granny Squares."

Solstice News

We are going to be holding a Solstice Charity day on the longest day.  For those keen enough, you can join us to watch the sun come up over the magnificent Salisbury Plain from our farm.  Suggestions for which charity we should support will be gratefully received.

Answering your questions

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