The Craft Studio Pewsey

The crafty jewel at the heart of Pewsey

The Craft Studio Pewsey is the crafty jewel in the heart of Pewsey, one of our beautiful Wiltshire Towns, and home to a thriving art community.  Conveniently situated on the High Street, at the corner of the entrance to the town's  free car park, the Craft Studio is the go-to place for anyone wanting to learn a new craft, enjoy a taster course, or to purchase unique and beautiful photo-canvasses,  artisan bags, sculptures, jewellery and other exciting hand crafted products.

Throughout the year the Craft Studio hosts courses and taster sessions for sewing, needle felting, upcycling, crocheting, knitting, jewellery making, paper craft, and many other local and contemporary crafts.  Craft master classes are also held with visiting guest artists from time to time.

Courses and taster sessions are available for people of all ages and abilities from toddlers to adults.  Each Monday, Karen hosts a 'Craft with me' session for toddlers and their parents or carers.  After school sessions are available for children and young people with evening courses available for adults.

Would you like to know more?

Wiltshire Green Woollies loves the Craft Studio Pewsey, we are hosting all our local knitting and crochet classes her in 2019.  They offer other fantastic craft tasters and courses too, so if you want to find the craft that is right for your, just click on the link below to visit.